Сибирское отделение российской академии медицинских наук


Valery P. Puzyrev

DATE OF BIRTH: July 27, 1947


1965 – 1971

Student, Faculty of General Medicine, Novosibirsk State Medical University

General medicine, MD

1971 – 1973

PhD student, Novosibirsk State Medical University


2015 – present time
Scientific consultant, Research Institute of Medical Genetics, Tomsk

1999 – present time
Head of the Department of Medical Genetics, Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk

1986 – 2015
Director, Research Institute of Medical Genetics, Tomsk

1982 – 2015
Head of the Laboratory of Population Genetics, Research Institute of Medical Genetics, Tomsk

1982 – 1986
Head of the Department of Medical Genetics of Institute of Medical Genetics, Tomsk

1974 – 1981
Assistant professor, Department of Therapy, Faculty of General Medicine and Pediatric Faculty, Novosibirsk State Medical University


Research Interests: human medical genetics, population genetics, genetics of comorbidity of common diseases.


- EC, FP-6, GABRIEL “A multidisciplinary study to identify the genetic and environmental causes of asthma in the European Community”, contract LSHB-CT-2006-018996, 2007-2010.

- EC, FP7, HEALTH-2007-2.2.1-10, CHERISH “Improving diagnoses of mental retardation in children in Central Eastern Europe and Central Asia through genetic characterisation and bioinformatics/-statistics”, project 223692, 2009-2012.

- EC, FP7-HEALTH, ADAMS “Genomic variations underlying common behavior diseases and cognition trait in human populations”, project 242257, 2009-2012.

- The Russian Foundation for Basic Research, “Structural and functional characterization of the mitochondrial DNA polymorphism of the indigenous population of Tuva and Buryatia”, 97-04-48729, 1997-1999

- The Russian Foundation for Basic Research, “The analysis of structural and functional organisation of genetic part of infectious and allergic processes in man”, 01-04-48213, 2001-2003

- The Russian Foundation for Basic Research, “Role of the polymorphisms of structure and regulatory genes of cardiovascular continuum in the pathogenesis of heart remodeling”, 04-04-48532, 2004-2006

- The Russian Foundation for Basic Research, “Methylation status of cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor genes in atherogenesis”, 10-04-00674, 2010-2012.

- Federal Target Program “Research and development for priority directions of science and technology complex of Russia for 2007-2013”, “Coevolution of human genome and phenotype: genetic diversity of populations and phenotypic variability of syntropic signs”, contract № 02.740.11.0284, 2009-2011.

- Federal Target Programme “Scientific and Scientific-Pedagogical Personnel of the Innovative Russia” for 2009-2013, “The study of the pleiotropic genetic effects in different functional states of the human organism”, contract P-1288, 2009-2011.

- Federal Target Programme “Scientific and Scientific-Pedagogical Personnel of the Innovative Russia” for 2009-2013, “Design of oligonucleotide biosensors for genotyping syntropic genes of cardiovascular continuum”, contract P-259, 2009-2011.

- Federal Target Programme “Scientific and Scientific-Pedagogical Personnel of the Innovative Russia” for 2009-2013, “Phenomenon of paradominant inheritance of complex diseases”, contract 8062, 2012-2013.

- President Grants for Government Support of the Leading Scientific Schools of the Russian Federation, “Epimutations, paradominant inheritance and atherogenesis”, contract NSh-5096.2014.4, 2014-2015.

- Russian Science Foundation, “Postzygotic variability of nuclear and mitochondrial genome during atherosclerotic vascular lesions in men”, contract 14-15-00305, 2014-2016.



Full Member (academician) of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. – 2002;

Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. – 1993;

Professor of Medical Genetics. – 1992;

Dr. Sci. (i.e. Doctor of Medical Sciences). Thesis: Medical and genetic study of the population of circumpolar regions. – 1987;

M.D. (i.e. Candidate of Medical Sciences). Thesis: Clinical, genealogical and biochemical studies of susceptibility to atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease – 1977.



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Major publications:

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